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In the Philippines, the government’s National ICT Ecosystem Framework lays out the country’s roadmap to developing its digital economy, which is anchored on five interdependent pillars: talent and skills, accessibility, platforms, infrastructure, and standards and regulations. Realizing this roadmap would be a significant boost to the economy — a recent study commissioned by Google finds that digital transformation can unlock $101.3 billion in the Philippines by 2030. (source: BusinessWorld)

MITACOR, stands for Maharlican Innovations Technology Applications Corporation, is a solution provider of ICT products and services worldwide. Our company is engaged in various innovation drive and technology support consultancy managed services, web and software development, telecommunications and security solutions, renewable energy , e-commerce, manpower supply, outsourcing, IT learning academy and other functional information communications technology projects that are viable in today’s needs. We established MITACOR from a firm and strong foundation of advocating ICT and transforming the digital landscape through advancing technology and perpetual yet purposeful innovation. MITACOR caters their products and services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), profit and non-profit organization and for the government.


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