MITACOR stands for Maharlican Innovations and Technology Applications Corporation, is a solution provider of ICT products and services worldwide. Our company is engaged in various innovation drive and technology support consultancy managed services, web and software development, telecommunications and security solutions, renewable energy, e-commerce, manpower supply, outsourcing, IT learning academy, and other functional information communications technology projects that are viable in today’s needs. We established MITACOR from a firm and strong foundation of advocating ICT and transforming the digital landscape through advancing technology and perpetual yet purposeful innovation. MITACOR caters its products and services to Small and

Medium Enterprises (SME’s), profit and non-profit organizations, and the government.

With the expertise harnessed through experience and learnings, our IT team is composed of well-rounded and competent individuals in their field while upholding the highest standards. Our reputation never precedes us because we bring our fair character in our dealings all with a clear vision to provide integral solutions and exceed the expectations of our investors and partners. MITACOR believes that our name is a representation of who we are and what we do. We strive to ensure we will bring honor to it in every part of the world and change the face of technology built-in quality.

MITACOR, tech for all.


MITACOR aspires for a quality life for everyone influenced by innovative technologies and technological advancement.


MITACOR’s mission is plain and simple: to provide and promote quality technology through practical ICT solutions for all walks of life. We aim to uplift the lives of many by bringing them touchpoints and connections that will change and empower the way they live. Our existence is to make everyone’s communication faster, their information access better, and the range of opportunities even wider. We make things closer at the point of your finger.